Professional Association for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (PAFSA)
Passion for the profession

PAFSA is your profession's home. We are here to serve your career's best interests and to ensure that you are kept updated, motivated and informed. 

Your status as a professional will be enhanced the minute you are a member of an association such as PAFSA.

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We are in the 21st century! The world has changed drastically...
your profession just as much.

 You need
a professional home that communicates with you through various platforms.
PAFSA does!

 You need
an association that respects you as a professional.
PAFSA does!

 You need
to be a member of a professional representative body that understands your profession.
PAFSA does!

Join NOW and:

a Meet the challenges of the 21st Century head on
a Enhance your professional status by being a member of a professional association
a Be in-the-know: Stay informed, motivated and INSPIRED
a AND what's more: Get it all on the screen near you: Your computer!

PAFSA is brought to you by the people with 23 years experience and leading know-how in your profession.

PAFSA is an association dedicated to house your needs and to enhance the status of the profession, therefore:

Its m
ission is to:

Engender passion for the profession

Educate and empower on status of profession

Elevate the profession intellectually and professionally

Its Goals and Objectives are to serve three target groups:

* Your profession itself, by:

- Improving recognition of the office professionals and promote professionalism within
the occupation.
- Creating rolemodels for the secretarial and administrative profession

* You, the incumbent of the profession, by:
- Constituting a foundation on which to base your progress, achievements and credibility in your

- Harnessing the collective wisdom of the more experienced professionals for the benefit of the
incumbents at large

- Informing you of developments to your profession

* Your employers, by:

- Recommending and promoting recognition for secretaries

- Advising management, when relevant, on matters concerning the secretarial

The bigger picture

Forming strategic alliances, and becoming a one-stop shop for all its stakeholders.

Serving as a "sounding board" for institutions who may need to update their


PAFSA is a non-profit organisation
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